How do Idisable displaying of local variables

pzembrod wrote on Fri Apr  8 11:47:09 MEST 2005:

I am fiddling around with PadWalker, which works allright on my system,
but takes a long time, and usually I don't look into the dumped variables.

So I removed PadWalker again, and now I get the error message "***Error
displaying Local Variables**** Install Padawalker on your Perl system or
disable displaying of local variables" after every debug step.

Now I would like to disable displaying of local variables, but I haven't
found out how. I am using eclipse 3.02 and EPIC 3.10.

Great work, btw. Thank you all who did it.

pzembrod wrote on Fri Apr  8 12:34:45 MEST 2005:
I just found it in the menu of the variable view.
Sorry for the noise.


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