how to turn off error checking

vendejp wrote on Wed Oct 19 22:54:56 MEST 2005:
I get a begin failed on every .pm I have
"BEGIN Failed"

when specifying a base class such as:
use base qw(App::M::Attribute_Volume_Constraint);

I tried to specify the package location via the project preferences, but
that didnt help.  Is there any way I can turn pre-compile checking off?
 I just dont want to see these errors on every package.  Ive tried every
setting I can think of.


jploski wrote on Thu Oct 20 00:14:25 MEST 2005:
You cannot turn off error checking in EPIC, but you should be able to configure
your @INC path to avoid this error.

Try "perl -c" from command line to see the whole error message
- it sounds like you might be getting truncated error messages in EPIC.

Then try the same command line with appropriate -I options to get rid of
the message.

Finally configure the include path in EPIC, either in project' preferences
or (if that does not help) in global preferences where you specify path
to the perl interpreter (you can add options after that path).

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