in debug view i can't see all of the variable

umen242 wrote on Tue Sep  2 19:57:47 MEST 2008:
Hello all
im using epic to work with perl and i have strange situation that when i
debug my code i can see only part of my 
variables content without any pattern ... i did install padwolker .
what else can it be ?
jploski wrote on Wed Sep  3 10:10:03 MEST 2008:
It can be that you are using gcj instead of Sun's Java.
umen242 wrote on Wed Sep  3 12:32:20 MEST 2008:
no no .. using java 1.5
jploski wrote on Wed Sep  3 18:17:42 MEST 2008:
You need to provide more information then (debug console, sample code, etc.)

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