Including library path in @INC

khiraly wrote on Tue Oct  5 17:23:12 MEST 2004:

I have a dinamic web page written in perl and set of packages.
In the main perl script ( I include in the perl path the packages
        $configFile = "WebGUI.conf";
        $webguiRoot = "/home/lama/ejip/cgi-bin";
        unshift (@INC, $webguiRoot."/lib");

The page works in my webbrowser (and locally installed thttpd and apache),
but in the editor all package are missing.
Dont find the right path in the @INC. How can I set up my eclipse (or epic),
to have the right @INC variables?
At the moment is a quite unusable the warning message in my editor.

Thank in advance!

Best regards, 

ps: sorry for my poor english
dyrnwyn wrote on Fri Dec 10 03:27:25 CET 2004:
Sorry for terse instructions, CTS:

Project Menu
          Perl Include Path

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