Insecure $ENV{PATH} insecure

aroushdi wrote on Wed Jul 27 16:55:47 MEST 2005:
Hi there , I get the following error in debug mode 
Insecure $ENV{PATH} while running with -T switch at D:/eclipse_projects/testdebug/
line 10,  line 1.
 at D:/eclipse_projects/testdebug/ line 10

the command in question is system("$command") ;
where $command = dir  

anway to rectify this  ur help is greatly appreciated .
brusberg wrote on Wed Aug 10 17:51:22 MEST 2005:

You are running the script in taint mode (probably Window -> Preferences
-> Perl EPIC -> Enable taint mode checked). In taint mode it is not allowed
to run external commands without having set the path $ENV{PATH} explicitly.
The following should work:

$ENV{PATH} = "C:\\WINDOWS\\system32";

Or do not use taint mode. On windows taint mode is a pain ...

Hope that helps,

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