Install plugin using Dropins directory

sebweber wrote on Thu Aug 21 22:22:49 MEST 2008:

I am using Eclipse 3.4 and I would like to use the Dropins directory to
install the plugin. 
Using the following directory structure wasn't successful yet: dropins/epic/eclipse/
The contents of the directory "org.epic.updatesite" from the zip-file was
in the directory mentioned above. That means "features" and "plugins" was
directly under dropins/epic/eclipse/

With Eclipse 3.3 I used a seperate plugin directory as well. I pointed to
the directory using text-files in the "eclipse/links" directory which has
been scanned by Eclipse automatically.

For convenience it would be nice to be able to use the dropins directory
as well. Does anyone know how it works with epic?!

CU Sebastian!
jploski wrote on Thu Aug 21 22:50:52 MEST 2008:
I just checked that the directory structure you described works.

What doesn't work is simply copying the 'plugins' and 'features' from the
update site zip there. You should install once using the update manager
and then you can move plugins/org.epic.* and features/org.epic.* to the
respective directories under dropins/epic/eclipse. You will notice that
plugins/org.epic.* aren't exactly the JARs from the update site zip.

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