Installing a recent testing-version?

oskar_olw wrote on Thu Apr  3 13:14:49 MEST 2008:
I am trying to install ei version 0.6.22 but it seems the server wont allow
me to upgrade beyond 0.6.13, anyone knows if this is intended?

I am running eclipse atm.

jploski wrote on Thu Apr  3 14:02:24 MEST 2008:
Not intended and works for me. It might be some temporary problem at SourceForge.
If waiting doesn't help, you can try uninstalling EPIC and reinstalling
it (to uninstall disable all versions of the EPIC feature in the Manage
Configuration dialog, then choose the action Uninstall on every disabled
feature; or you could just delete plugins/org.epic*, features/org.epic.*
from Eclipse home directory while Eclipse isn't running).

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