Issues with debug / PadWalker

unk1911 wrote on Fri Aug 19 21:07:36 MEST 2005:
I'm using Eclipse 3.0.1,  ActiveState Perl 5.8.7 build 813 on Windows XP
with PadWalker 0.10 and I'm just playing around with EPIC to see if it can
help me debug Perl programs.  When the data structures are simple it is
able to handle it and I can inspect the variables very nicely. However,
when the data structures get a bit more complex (hash of hash), the debugger
seems to crash with an error message:

Error Parsing Debugger Variables

Here's the code that I am debugging:



sub dummy {

	# complex structure

	%actionItems = ();
	$accountID = '200001';
	$detail    = {
		"desc"    => 'description goes here',	
		"cusip"   => '01234567890',
		"ticker"  => 'MHS'

	push( @{ $actionItems{$accountID} }, $detail );

	foreach $key ( sort keys %actionItems ) {
		$accountID = $key;
		foreach $d_ref ( @{ $actionItems{$accountID} } ) {
			$ticker = $d_ref->{'ticker'};


The line that the error message first appears when I'm pushing the $detail
hash into the $actionItems hash:

push( @{ $actionItems{$accountID} }, $detail );

Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions?
jploski wrote on Sun Aug 21 01:09:21 MEST 2005:
Maybe you should try the CVS version of EPIC - it works for me (Eclipse
3.1, Linux) on your script, while the "testing" version does not (I cannot
drill down to see the hash contents).

Well, it still shows an "Internal error" message box at debugger's startup,
but values of variables (including hash) are displayed properly.

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