missing breakpoints?!

tnicolson wrote on Tue Feb  7 14:43:28 CET 2006:
Hi All,

Has anyone noticed that the debugger won't stop at breakpoints in files
which do not reside in the eclipse project directory.

Clearly, it knows where they are and opens/traverses them during the step
debugging, so I can't imagine it's a big fix required.

I've seen this behaviour on three project now, one CGI and two normal projects.

Can anyone else confirm this behaviour?  Or can you counter it?

Thanks in advance.

tnicolson wrote on Tue Feb  7 14:48:52 CET 2006:
Just managed to slay my own theory!  Appears to just be a coincidence...


More generally, some files breakpoints seem to work, but in some files breakpoints
are just missed.

Anybody else?
jessica-aileen wrote on Fri Feb 10 20:21:22 CET 2006:
I had a similiar problem:

[ 1294734 ] Debugger stops once only at breakpoints. (closed bug report)

This problem seemed to be related to different encodings and line endings.
It appeared when I switched Eclipse from "Standard Microsoft" to UTF-8 and
Unix encoding without changing existing files.

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