nothing works

jberk wrote on Thu Jan 29 03:35:48 CET 2009:
I installed EPIC 0.6.29 on eclipse 3.4.1 and NOTHING seems to work.  It's
"installed" because I can "run" my simple "hello world" test, but I get
no syntax code completion....nothing....just a plain
old worthless text editor

what gives?
jberk wrote on Thu Jan 29 03:37:40 CET 2009:
BTW: I'm using Cygwin's perl and I can run cygwin's mount from my MS-DOS
box so cygwin's bin is on my windows path.

- Jason
jploski wrote on Fri Jan 30 23:55:14 CET 2009:
Have you tried the "Open With..." yet and checked File Associations in the

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