NullPointerxception on editing .ep Files

bln_wese wrote on Fri Nov 10 19:55:53 CET 2006:
yesterday I switched from epic 0.4.17 to 0.4.20. 
Since  I was unable to edit Files with the suffix ".ep". All I got is a
NullPointerException (see below).

If I renamed these files to any other extension associated with the Epic-editor
I could edit them as usual.

I had to deassign .ep from the Content Type "Perl Source File", deassociate
.ep with the EPIC-Editor.
After reassigning to Perl Source File and reassociating it with the EPIC-Editor
now everything works as expected. 

Is this behavior to be considered a bug or just bad manners of my enviroment
( Fedora 6 ) ?
jploski wrote on Fri Nov 10 21:04:29 CET 2006:
There was a problem in versions 0.4.18 and 0.4.19 which resulted in a NPE
when opening files. This is hopefully fixed in 0.4.20. If you had been experiencing
NPE with either of these two previous versions and then upgraded to 0.4.20,
I would say this helped and not reassigning content types/associations.
Unless you find some way to reproduce the problem with the current version,
I wouldn't recommend to enter it as a bug.

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