Object::InsideOut makes Eclipse + EPIC freeze

esharris wrote on Wed Nov 14 22:36:34 CET 2007:
After a small hiatus, I'm back writing Perl programs and using Object::InsideOut
(from CPAN).
I am also experimenting with using Eclipse (with the EPIC plug-in) as a
Perl IDE.
When I run a specific Perl script (that uses Object::InsideOut) from within
Eclipse, the IDE freezes. However, the scripts appears to run from the OS
command line.
If I load Eclipse and look at the package window tree hierarchy, there appears
to be problem under epic_links. Here, there is a subfolder (1194631772531)
containing an InsideOut subfolder containing InsideOut.pm. When I load the
InsideOut.pm module into the editor, there appears to be a problem on line
Error: Undefined subroutine &B::svref_2object called
A fatal error (trappable)
The subroutine indicated hasn't been defined, or if it was, it has
since been undefined.
Do you know why this may be a problem?
Thank You,
esharris wrote on Thu Nov 15 00:47:31 CET 2007:
I got this from the author of Object:InsideOut.

The error given by the editor is a red herring.  Line 15 of InsideOut.pm
loads the B module:  require B;  There is some other problem at work.  I
suggest you contact the author of the EPIC plug-in about both of these issues
(the hang and the editor error).

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