rdp34 wrote on Thu Jul 14 23:00:52 MEST 2005:
Here are some things that have been happening to my install.
1) installed 3.0.  None of the variables displayed.  Installed 3.0.10. 
Now they work!

in the "watch" window, none of the expressions evaluate to anything, for
some reason.
In the variables window, the variable @_ would be nice to see there [doesn't
seem to be an option].

If I am in debug mode and I set a breakpoint, it freezes eclipse for some
Anyway thanks for the good program.  I didn't know perl debugging was possible.

rdp34 wrote on Thu Jul 14 23:02:42 MEST 2005:
as a followup, open sub declaration, which seemed to once work for me [perhaps
with the original upgrade to 3.0.10] also doesn't work anymore, at all.
 Perhaps a generic text search for the same would be a good option if it
can't find it.
Other than that seems to be working well.
rdp34 wrote on Fri Jul 22 18:08:46 MEST 2005:
The feature it looks like i could most use with this that would be super-sweet
would be the option of breaking at the beginning of the program versus just
continuing until the first breakpoint.  That would speed up stepping through
quite a bit.  Thanks for the product.

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