Open / edit perl script outside of workspace?

cbro147 wrote on Mon Mar 20 14:18:35 CET 2006:
When I File/Open a perl script, EPIC creates an 'epic_links' section in
the Navigator window. This new 'epic_links' folder contains the perl script
I've opened as well as a list of all other files in that subdirectory. 
I open / edit the perl script I'm after. My Tasks and Problems area now
populate with information on this particular perl script. I make my quick
changes and save the file. I still have the epic_links folder in the Navigator.
My Tasks and Problems still contain info on this script.  
Basically, I want to make some quick changes to someone else's perl script,
and once saved and closed, to be no longer informed of any Problems or Tasks
contained in that particular script. 
Is this possible?

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