Package Collapsing?

gameboyhippo wrote on Wed Oct  8 16:44:07 MEST 2008:
Is there a way I can configure EPIC to allow me to collapse a package. 
Or perhaps a way to add "regions" into my perl code the way I can do in
Visual Studio .NET?  It is irritating not to have this feature as I'm spoiled
to it in Visual Studio .NET.
jploski wrote on Wed Oct  8 19:10:47 MEST 2008:
Currently there is no support for folding anything else than subroutine
bodies in EPIC. Folding of packages has some conceptual problems in general,
given that you can switch from one package scope to another not just multiple
times within a single source file, but even within a single block. Strictly
speaking, packages do not have block structure.

However, it would be possible to implement folding for top level packages,
by assuming that such a package continues until another top-level package
declaration or end of file. Is that what you mean?

The "regions" or manual folding (I don't know VS .NET, but there is support
for this in vim) would most probably have to be implemented in the Eclipse
platform rather than in EPIC's Perl editor. As far as I know, there is no
such feature available. You may wish to look at the Eclipse bug/feature
tracker and possibly request it there.

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