PadWalker/EPIC/Mac problem

joelbudgor wrote on Tue Sep 23 01:13:03 MEST 2008:
I am running MacPerl under Tiger 10.4.11, MacPerl 5.8.6 and Eclipse

I installed PadWalker using the command:

perl -MCPAN -e 'install PadWalker'

The output indicated that everything installed perfectly, ending
with the message "Padwalker is uptodate".

I than installed EPIC into Eclipse.

Unfortunately, no matter what I try, EPIC tells me to install PadWalker
to see the local variables.

What are the steps I need to perform to get these things working

Joel Budgor
jploski wrote on Tue Sep 23 17:03:19 MEST 2008:
EPIC uses this snippet of Perl code to check whether PadWalker is installed:

print eval { require PadWalker; PadWalker->VERSION(0.08) }

If the output is not empty, it assumes the PadWalker is there. Otherwise,
it complains.

Check what this script produces
- when run from the shell
- when run from Eclipse

Maybe your installation occurred into a directory which is not available
via the default Perl include path.

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