PadWalker not detected

bryceman wrote on Fri Jul 28 17:59:45 MEST 2006:
My debugger still isn't working after installing the padwalker download
for ActiveState 5.8.1+ (I have 5.8.7). I also have cygwin perl installed,
but I pointed the preferences to the ActiveState installation. I'm running
Eclipse M20060629-1905. I also just noticed that the Eclipse plug-in list
shows my EPIC editor/docs at version 0.2.4 and the debug plug-in at 0.3.2.
Is that right?
billbell52 wrote on Fri Jul 28 23:37:25 MEST 2006:
I posted in a ticket a few days ago on how I installed and got it to work.
 Did you follow the same procedure?  I am using the same version of Eclipse.
bryceman wrote on Fri Jul 28 23:42:14 MEST 2006:
Here's the link to the issue which this is a duplicate of:

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