PadWalker problem

gnatty wrote on Tue Apr 12 02:04:35 MEST 2005:
I'm getting this error when trying debug using Perl 5.6.0 (yeah, I know
it's old) EPIC 3.10, and Eclipse 3.0.2 running on Redhat 9

Use of inherited AUTOLOAD for non-method PadWalker::peek_my() is deprecated
at (eval 21)[/usr/local/lib/perl5.6.0/] line 2

Is PadWalker not compatible with Perl 5.6?
I have Perl 5.8, but I'm running an app that uses TK and the libraries aren't
installed for 5.6 (I don't have root on my machine)

Do I need to run Perl 5.8?

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