passing arguments to perl script in EPIC

neshat wrote on Sat Apr 30 00:21:29 MEST 2005:
I have written a perl script that takes an argument from command line. How
do we pass the same argument when we run the script through EPIC.
brusberg wrote on Wed Aug 10 18:17:46 MEST 2005:
There are ways to do so by configuration, nevertheless I prefer to add temporarily
on top of my script something like

@ARGV = (
    "arg 1", "arg 2", "arg 3",
    "-opt", "optarg",

This is the fastest way.
rekoil wrote on Thu Oct 13 21:38:29 MEST 2005:
Under "External Tools" select your program and add 
${string_prompt} to your Arguments line. This will spawn a text prompt when
you run the script where you can type in any arguments you wish.

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