Passing parameter to CGI script !!!

ccoudsi wrote on Wed Jun 25 20:35:18 MEST 2008:
I have the following setup:

OS: Windows XP
Eclipse: 3.3.0
EPIC: 0.6.24
Active Perl: 5.10.0

How to pass parameters to my CGI script in Eclipse, instead of creating
an HTML form??


use CGI ':standard';

print header();
print start_html();
for $i (param()){
   print "", $i, ": ", param($i), "
\n"; } print end_html; =========================================== Thanks, for your support.
jploski wrote on Wed Jun 25 20:41:48 MEST 2008:
There is currently no way. As a work around, you could create a HTML file
with a redirect to the CGI script and reference that file from your launch
configuration in EPIC.
ccoudsi wrote on Wed Jun 25 20:44:58 MEST 2008:
Thank you so much, I should've asked long time ago !!!

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