Performance problem with 0.3.10

jens-uwe wrote on Tue Feb  1 16:49:02 CET 2005:
i just upgraded from 0.3.8 to 0.3.10

With 0.3.8 EPIC was not really fast but usable. 
With 0.3.10 sadly EPIC is unusable slow. When editing in the source code
after pressing a key it takes  about 2 seconds until the pressed letter
is displayed. During this 2 seconds the processor is heavily loaded. 
If I type a longer text, there is a pause of these 2 seconds between each
letter displayed.
It is nearly impossible to program this way.

Does EPIC makes a check of the full source code after pressing a key? The
perl file I am working on is over 2500 lines (ugly, historic reasons;),
so this might be a reason? I just tested it with smaller Perl files and
EPIC feels fast with them.

I am using Version: Eclipse 3.0.1 (Build id: 200409161125) with Epic 0.3.10
on a Suse9.1 Linux System. Athlon XP+ 2600 with 1Gig of RAM.

Thanks ahead if you can improve this.

leo_forge wrote on Fri Feb  4 09:09:21 CET 2005:
One of the new issues in the Editor is the colouring issue - which might
could cause the problem. But without testing there is no way to say - yes/no.
=> send me the perl-file, what and where you are trying to change and I'll
try it on my machine.
leo_forge wrote on Mon Feb  7 11:35:29 CET 2005:
Forgotten to mention, send as zip-file.

I guess it has something to do with coloring. Is coloring done the proper
way? In which fields (e.g. Quote, POD, ...) are you expierincing problems?
I guess even it slows down, at other place it gains the regular speed again.
jens-uwe wrote on Tue Feb  8 17:44:42 CET 2005:
can you please give me your email adress? I've send you an short message
with mine.

Thanks for your help!
pmneve wrote on Thu Feb 10 01:31:43 CET 2005:
Am seeing the same problem with large script files especially.   Doesn't
seem to matter where or on what in the file I'm working.   Had to revert
to 0.3.08.    Am running Eclipse  3.0.1 Build 200409161125 on W2K SP4, 744Mhz
PIII Toshiba Satellite 4600.
luelljoc wrote on Sun Feb 13 17:46:23 CET 2005:

we are working on the performance problem.
Switching off source folding might help a little.

mgfink wrote on Tue May  3 20:19:27 MEST 2005: there a patch or any workaround available that resolves this
problem (other than reverting to 0.3.8 or disabling folding)?


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