Perl code folding

khiraly wrote on Mon Oct  4 13:48:07 MEST 2004:

How can I enable code folding in perl?
For now I have used Anjuta to coding in perl. But eclipse+epic have some
nice feature that makes my life easier.

Just one feature is missing: code folding

If somebody point me how can I enable that helped me very much!

Best regards, 
luelljoc wrote on Tue Oct  5 07:31:19 MEST 2004:
Hi Khiraly ,

you won't find it, because it's not available at the moment :)
Code folding of pod and subs will be introduced in the next testing release.

khiraly wrote on Tue Oct  5 15:49:24 MEST 2004:
Thx for the quick reponse! I'll try to be patient ...;)

leo_forge wrote on Wed Oct 13 14:44:38 MEST 2004:
And the next testing realease is already available!
khiraly wrote on Mon Oct 18 12:31:24 MEST 2004:
Thx LeO!
I have downloaded yesterday, and I found really good the development release.
Not because the code folding, because the speed performance.

The 0.3.0 stable release make in my system 188 paralell thread (that even
the other small program cant make fork() (ex: autoconf make the error message
like: fork(): no resource available).

This development release make ,,only'' 62 paralell thread. Its a bit better,
and faster too. I think it can be developpe more too. 
Am I wrong?


Where Can I disable the on-the-fly check syntax and building? Because the
eclipse its slow on my system. And would be great a little speed-up.

(ps: sorry for my ugly english)

Best regards, 
leo_forge wrote on Tue Oct 19 17:26:11 MEST 2004:
Windows => Preference => EPIC

In the new version, it would be up to 10 sec., currently 3 secs
khiraly wrote on Tue Oct 19 20:04:41 MEST 2004:

I shut off all the options I could.
Didnt helped much.

Best regards, 

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