Perl::Critic problems

keighlehawk wrote on Tue Sep 18 01:30:34 MEST 2007:
Trying to get Perl::Critic working.  It spews all kinds of lovely stuff
from the command line, but I get no obvious output in Eclipse.  Perhaps
I am looking in the wrong place?  It seems to run and then fail silently.

Various Version Information:

Eclipse 3.3.0
MyEclipse 6.0.0
Winders Vista
[Cygwin] Perl 5.8.8
lespocky wrote on Fri Nov  2 15:04:44 CET 2007:
I got the same problem with Active Perl. Where is the output of Perl::Critic
put to?
davidbusby68 wrote on Fri Jan 11 22:56:38 CET 2008:
I am seeing the same thing.  I thought it would create a report or Provide
TAGS in code for you to look at or something but I have not been able to
get any of it to work.
jploski wrote on Sat Jan 12 21:41:18 CET 2008:
Have you enabled it in Preferences/Perl EPIC/Perl::Critic and entered the
correct path to the 'perlcritic' utility there?

See also:
davidbusby68 wrote on Thu Jan 17 16:57:53 CET 2008:
Here is what I have:

I have enabled Critic

Here is the location for the PM file:  d:\perl\site\lib\Bundle\Perl\

This is on my local system.

I also noticed that I get not response from the POD Checker.  I have been
checking my document with podchecker and even if I force an error I don't
see any visual indicator in Eclipse.  Perhaps I should start a new thread
on this?
jploski wrote on Thu Jan 17 18:56:37 CET 2008:
Did you enter the path to the 'perlcritic' script in the field "Custom location"
in preferences when you enabled it? Are there any messages appearing in
the Error Log view (or in file workspace/.metadata/.log)?
davidbusby68 wrote on Thu Jan 17 19:44:40 CET 2008:
Like I said when I look at what I have now for the config is that Window->Prefs->EPIC->Critic
under Custom Location I have d:\perl\site\lib\Bundle\Perl\

I don't know if this is correct or not.

I did not see the other script you mentioned anywhere.  Perhaps that is
part of the issue.

I looked in the Log as you suggested and did not see anything from Perl
Critic in it.

I did find the perlutils folder that resides under org.epic.perleditor->perlutils

Which has several but none that I can tell work or are even being called
right now.
davidbusby68 wrote on Thu Jan 17 21:05:19 CET 2008:
Ok I validated the install of PERL Critic 1.0 on Windows.

It is installed at:

D:\>dir perl\site\lib\Bundle\Perl
 Volume in drive D is Data
 Volume Serial Number is 8C52-520E

 Directory of D:\perl\site\lib\Bundle\Perl

01/17/2008  01:59 PM              .
01/17/2008  01:59 PM              ..
01/17/2008  01:59 PM             1,685

I wrote the little script:


use Perl::Critic;
my $file = shift;
my $critic = Perl::Critic->new();
my @violations = $critic->critique($file);
print @violations;

But it does not appear to pick up Critic as it gives me the @INC error.
 This is probably part of the reason other stuff is not working.  Any suggestions
besides going to linux?
jgangemi wrote on Fri Jan 18 04:49:55 CET 2008:
the problem is that the options being passed to perlcritic no longer work
for the latest version.

this could be worked around with a .perlcriticrc file in the project directory,
however, epic expects the output of critic to match this: 


which was a way to get output in a specific format for whatever version
of critic was around when the functionality was added, much easier to part
- and it does not appear there is a way to get critic to output in that
format, even using the config file.

unfortunately i am under major deadlines and don't have time to investigate
further, but thought it'd pass this along.

not to thread jack, but since perl developers seem to be hard to come by
in nyc, if anyone is in the area and job hunting, let me know.
patspam wrote on Thu Apr  3 06:34:56 MEST 2008:
I managed to solve this problem in EPIC 0.5.44 under Windows XP with strawberry
perl via:
* Set PERLCRITIC environment variable to a specific .perlcritic file, eg.
* Populate .perlcritic with your desired perlcritic settings, eg.
 theme = pbp
 severity = 1
* Set Perl::Critic path in Eclipse to your relevant perlcritic installation
(for me this was c:\strawberry\perl\bin\perlcritic)
* Restart Eclipse

kelemvor wrote on Sun Oct  5 22:02:03 MEST 2008:
This workaround is also working with:
* eclipse 3.4.1
* Activestate Perl 5.10
* Epic 0.6.25

I also managed to globally activate the perlcritic by adding 
             push @ARGV, "-1";
in the begining of perlcritic perl code.

The problem is that EPIC always launch perlcritic with the same three parameters,
whatever you configure it in preferences window.

Here is a print of the parameters used by eclipse when launching perlcritic:

ARGV[0] = D:\Dev\Projects\workspace\\
ARGV[1] = -verbose
ARGV[2] = %f~|~%s~|~%l~|~%c~|~%m~|~%e
ARGV[3] =
ARGV[4] =

smanek wrote on Sun Jun 22 06:15:53 MEST 2008:
I'm having a similar problem.

There is no apparent output when Perl Critic is enabled and the binary's
location is set properly. Using perlcritic from the command line works as

If it helps, I'm running Mac OS 10.5.3, Perl 5.10.0 (installed from vanilla
sources via mac ports), perlcritic 1.086 (via CPAN), EPIC 0.6.24, and Eclipse
3.3.2. Everything else works fine. I tried patspam's approach, and set the
the 'PERLCRITIC' environment variable to a custom .perlcritic file with
no luck.

If you need me to produce any logs, or if an EPIC developer would like VNC
access to my machine to verify the problem, please let me know.

-Shaneal Manek
etwas wrote on Mon Jun 23 09:37:22 MEST 2008:
having same problem.

active perl 5.10.0
eclipse 3.3.2
epic source 0.6.24

irrespective to this, nice job, guys, i like epic work!

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