Perl errors - Handling ?

uherbst wrote on Wed Aug 10 21:56:56 MEST 2005:

I get some perl errors for my project in the problem window (tab ?, view
?) like:

1. 'Too late for "-T" option'. 
What should I do, for a CGI script Taint mode isn't bad ?

2. 'Syntax error in line ...'.
But there isn't a syntax error, script is running (with this line) flawless.

With other words: How can I suppress some messages ?

brusberg wrote on Thu Aug 11 12:36:34 MEST 2005:

1. Taint mode in shebang line is not enough (well, it's too late there).
Run the script in taint mode by checking Window -> Preferences -> Perl EPIC
-> Enable taint mode.

2. Don't know, when this happens to you. I noticed, that  there are some
modules (eg. Switch or Template) which are sometimes generating 'wrong errors'
in the calling file after the use .... Probably a bug in the validation
- don't know of a workaround or how to suppress them. I got used to ignore

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