Perl Executable problem

michelleott wrote on Mon Nov 14 13:38:42 CET 2005:
I'm having trouble using a remote interpreter.  I'm using Eclipse on a Windows
machine and would like for everything to run on a remote unix box, including
compilation.  I've mapped it as a network drive and put the path in the
Perl Executable field under my EPIC Preferences.  However, it will not run
and simply says "An internal error occurred during 'Launching' "and provides
no details or other error message.  I am otherwise able to access it through
other applications, so I'm sure the path is correct and my permissions are
set correctly.  I've also tried using the launcher, but to no avail.  Does
anyone have any ideas on what else I could try?  
jploski wrote on Wed Nov 16 22:13:18 CET 2005:
Have you also looked into the Error Log (Window/Show View/Error Log)?
ttarchal wrote on Thu Nov 17 00:30:12 CET 2005:
If it's an Unix perl binary on a mapped drive, I don't quite see how you
are able to "access it with other applications" - you should not be able
to run it on Windows at all. Or do you mean that you can see/read the perl
interpreter executable? Please elaborate on the specifics of your configuration:
can you execute perl from that network location?

Or if I misunderstood something and you have perl working fine, then maybe
just try changing the interpreter type from "Standard" to "Cygwin". Or the
other way around.
michelleott wrote on Thu Nov 17 08:49:35 CET 2005:
The Error log shows the following information:

at org.epic.debug.PerlDebugPlugin.createEnvArrays(
at org.epic.debug.PerlDebugPlugin.getDebugEnv(
at org.epic.debug.Target.startPerlProcess(
at org.epic.debug.RunTarget.start(
at org.epic.debug.LaunchConfigurationDelegate.launch(
at org.eclipse.debug.internal.core.LaunchConfiguration.launch(
at org.eclipse.debug.internal.core.LaunchConfiguration.launch(
at org.eclipse.debug.internal.ui.DebugUIPlugin.buildAndLaunch(
at org.eclipse.debug.internal.ui.DebugUIPlugin$

I'm using Eclipse 3.1.1 on XP Pro. 
I have Samba running, which means I can see the Unix perl executable on
my mapped drive.  When I use a local perl interpreter, I can read/write
.txt files  on the unix system through this mapped drive from within a program.
However, when I try to use the remote interpreter from the command line
(locally) using the mapped drive, it will not execute.  Is there a way to
do this (specifically, from within eclipse)?

jploski wrote on Thu Nov 17 20:19:22 CET 2005:
You cannot run Unix executables under Windows (the Perl interpreter is in
the ELF format, I suppose; definitely not Windows EXE).

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