Perl Local - How to add keys? (pls help)

similarsong wrote on Sat Dec  1 09:49:13 CET 2007:
  I need to add a key-combo for the "Run as ...Perl Local" in the right
click menu and I can't figure out how to add that keyboard shortcut. Can
somebody please tell me how-to do it? 

Right now I do it from the popup menu but that is real chore because i like
to run my programs every few seconds.. so any help will be greatly appreciated.

Warm Regards,

P.S. I also tried setting Perl in the external tools (as given on the epic
site) but that does not have the option to add keyboard shortcuts to run
it either :/
jploski wrote on Sat Dec  1 12:51:00 CET 2007:
Are you aware of "Run Last Launched", which is CTRL-11 by default in Eclipse?
You can change this key binding in Preferences/General/Keys if you like.
There is also the green Run icon with a pulldown menu arrow in the main
toolbar which you can use to quickly run any recently executed launch configuration.
similarsong wrote on Sat Dec  1 13:33:52 CET 2007:
  Thanks for the reply. I did try that but it launches my other (flex) project
even though my last run was "run as perl local". I also tried Run->External->"Perl
Run" (which is basically Perl.exe) but that does not trigger for the "run
last launched setting" either..

I was browsing thru the forums and after a little tinkering I think there
is another way to do this, thought it DOES NOT WORK yet :/ Maybe with a
little help, I can set it right though (Right now I'm totally new to eclipse/epic)

I opened "org.epic.debug_0.6.15.jar" inside the plugins directory. I then
extracted the "plugins.xml" file from it and edited it, by inserting the
following at the end of this file.



This does not work yet but it does start to show the "Run as Perl Local"
in the Key Binding Tabs inside Eclipse configuration. I don't know much
about this XML but I think the id="org.epic.debug.LaunchShortcut" is wrong,
so please suggest what needs to be done here.

Warm Regards,
jploski wrote on Sat Dec  1 13:48:51 CET 2007:
Does the most recently launched configuration get recorded correctly when
you run the script through the launch configurations dialog?
similarsong wrote on Sat Dec  1 15:09:24 CET 2007:
  Actually it doesn't with my Perl project. I've tried to run Run menu,
and the popup menu (Perl Local) and the launch config dialog (Run -> Other).

Also, If I close all my other projects and then run my Perl project alone
and then press CTRL+F11, it shows me an alert that says "file is not launchable".

Kind Regards,
jploski wrote on Sat Dec  1 15:22:13 CET 2007:
Which version of Eclipse and EPIC are you using?
jploski wrote on Sat Dec  1 15:25:03 CET 2007:
Maybe this is relevant to your problem:
jploski wrote on Sat Dec  1 15:27:38 CET 2007:
The preference referred to in the bug report is Run/Debug/Launching/Always
launch the previously launched application.
similarsong wrote on Sat Dec  1 16:13:56 CET 2007:
  I'm using

Flex Builder Moxie - v3 Milestone 3 Beta 2 ( build 3.0.183654 ) 
Eclipse Platform Version 3.3.0. 
EPIC version is 0.6.17.
Windows XP

I will try the patch you've mentioned to see if it remedies my problem too.

Also, do you by any chance know about the plugin.xml thing above? Using
this, I've managed to get the key binding to pop in eclipse configuration
dialog with the others and I can set the key-combo too, but the problem
is it does not actually trigger anything yet because the XML is wrong. I
have zero experience with this, so I don't know if this can work or if I
am going totally in the wrong direction?

Kind Regards,
jploski wrote on Sat Dec  1 17:37:15 CET 2007:
Yes, I guess you are going in the wrong direction with trying to assign
a key binding to Run As.../Perl Local. The problem is that the action is
context-sensitive - it acts upon the current selection in the Resources
view or in the Package Explorer. But what you really want is to launch the
last script, not whatever the selected file in one of these views is (it
would be awkward to ensure the selection is right before using the key binding).
Alternatively, you might want to launch the script in the currently active
editor, which CTRL-F11 is also able to do for you in Eclipse 3.3, depending
on how the already mentioned preference is set. Have you tried playing around
with this preference?
similarsong wrote on Sat Dec  1 19:51:50 CET 2007:
Hi Again,
  Actually, I do want to "Run as Perl Local" the file I'm currently editing.
This is because I usually like to run the code I'm working on with lots
test values in between, which is kinda why I so badly need a keyboard shortcut
to do it quickly.

I checked the bindings, it is set to CTRL-F11. I tried playing around with
it and it does launch my Flex project, but not my Perl scripts for some
reason. Maybe its the patch which I have yet to apply (soon as I figure
out how), so maybe that will fix it..

Kind Regards,
jploski wrote on Sat Dec  1 20:06:23 CET 2007:
So in Preferences under Run/Debug/Launching you have "Launch the selected
resource or active editor" checked as well as "Launch the associated project"?
These are my settings for Eclipse 3.3 and they work ok for me.
similarsong wrote on Thu Dec 13 08:53:22 CET 2007:
  i was just giving this another go today and this seems to work. Just posting
it here for reference.

Warning: This is a nasty hack and may not be for everyone. There are much
better ways to do this I'm sure, so I strongly recommend you backup your
files before you try it. 9/10, like Jan has pointed you don't not need this
anyway, but I'm still posting it here for the 1/10 who may find it useful.

Open plugin.xml in "org.epic.debug_0.6.15.jar" inside the eclipse's plugins
directory. Then at the end of the file, paste this:


You will see key bindings for Perl Local inside eclipse prefs window after
restart. Assign a key combo. 
Pressing this when editing the code will now run the perl scripts locally
with that keyboard shortcut. Have fun!

Kind Regards,

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