Perl Local not showing up for my extensions

jimcan wrote on Wed Sep 26 17:39:37 MEST 2007:

I've noticed that if I have a perl script with a *.run file extension, I
cannot do Run As -> Perl Local. If I rename the file to *.pl then the option
appears. I have hundreds of perl files that have a *.run extension and it
would be very useful to be able to just click on run. I've added the extension
to the 'File Associations' so that it opens with the Perl Editor. Any suggestions
on how I can get the file extension to work the same as *.pl?

jploski wrote on Wed Sep 26 19:20:55 MEST 2007:
There is nothing you can do besides of editing plugin.xml contained in the
org.epic.debug JAR file in your installation of EPIC (this solution would
only give you the functionality until the next update). Here's what the
relevant fragment looks like:


You can file a RFE, but I'm afraid that it may be tough to implemented in
a general fashion because at the time the context menu items are added EPIC
code is not executing.
jimcan wrote on Wed Sep 26 19:39:24 MEST 2007:
Thanks for the help. This will probably be the solution I'll have to use
for now. What about creating a separate, custom plug-in to do the same thing?
If that's possible, how would I start that? 

jploski wrote on Wed Sep 26 19:53:25 MEST 2007:
Yes, you could create a custom plug-in for that and install it besides of
EPIC. Use the plugin project wizard to start with the simplest possible
plug-in (it just has to have the Activator class, nothing else), then edit
plugin.xml and add org.eclipse.debug.core, org.eclipse.debug.ui and org.epic.debug
to dependencies. Copy the whole element referring to the launchShortcuts
extension point from plugin.xml of org.epic.debug to your own plugin.xml
and edit it to only include the *.run extension. Finally, use the Export
wizard to package the plug-in into a JAR file and put that JAR in your plugins
directory. If you wish to test it before installation, tips on setting up
a development environment can be found at
jimcan wrote on Wed Sep 26 20:52:38 MEST 2007:
Thanks for the help, I got it working by creating the new plugin as you
described. Took a total of 5 minutes to do. I've pasted the plugin.xml file
below for anyone else who wants to see it. 



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