Perldoc and winxp

jimbojones2000 wrote on Fri Mar  4 17:40:21 CET 2005:

  I"m having difficulty with the perldoc features of EPIC. I highlight an
item (e.g. Getopt::Long). When I right click, the option is "Perldoc (Ctrl
+ shift + H)", not the sub-menu 

  Module/Program Doc
  Module/Program Source 
   Built-in function doc
  .. as shown in the EPIC Users' guide PDF.

  When I execute the command, I get 4 dos boxes, each attempting to show
the 4 items that should be in the sub-menu. Plus the eclipse "perldoc" pane
is empty.

  Any ideas? THis is EPIC 0.3.10 on Eclipse 3.0.1 on WinXP

  THanks, Jim
jimbojones2000 wrote on Fri Mar  4 22:56:01 CET 2005:

  I was reading the PDF for the 0.30 release. THe context menu looks like
the one shown on pg 23 of the 0.3.10 Users guide. However, the perl doc
still ends up in a command window, not in the perldoc Eclipse view

 thanks, jim
jboerner wrote on Thu May  3 02:53:16 MEST 2007:
I have the same issue, have you found a solution to this?

jploski wrote on Thu May  3 19:52:25 MEST 2007:
Do NOT use wperl.exe, use perl.exe.

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