perldoc system path

yoshco wrote on Wed Jun 14 10:10:50 MEST 2006:
hi all, [first post on list]
i have activeperl installed on an xp with eclipse platform. i am not able
to view perldoc, the guide mentions i need to set path of perldoc in system
i ppm the perldoc but what is the path i need to enter into the system path
inorder to use the perldoc in eclipse?
kaymcfly wrote on Wed Jun 14 10:44:52 MEST 2006:
Hi yoshco,

perhaps you have the same problem I have had. See the Tread  Eclipse 3.1.1
+ EPIC 0.3.x + Win XP - Perldoc in these forum, last 3 answers. date: 2006-02-01
yoshco wrote on Wed Jun 14 12:46:09 MEST 2006:
yep, changing the Perl exec back to perl.exe solved this.

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