PerlDoc WinXP not integrated

cliff_nn wrote on Wed Sep 20 22:54:05 MEST 2006:
Hi Folks, 
I just installed the epic plugin for eclipse and was going through the IBM
tutorials and found that my PerlDoc is not integrated as is shown in the
screenshots. It actually launches a separate DOS window. 

My configuration is:
windows xp pro latest patches
activestate perl  5.8.8
eclipse version 3.1.1
epic plugin version 0.4.11
java sdk 1.5.0_8

configured the perl bin to be the "wperl.exe" as indicated in the tutorial.

What do I need to do in order to have the PerlDoc open up in the eclipse
PerlDoc window?

Thanks, Cliff
jploski wrote on Wed Sep 20 23:19:53 MEST 2006:
Do NOT use wperl.
cliff_nn wrote on Wed Sep 20 23:23:44 MEST 2006:
Thanks - works like a charm. sheesh, why did the IBM tutorial indicate to
use wperl.exe? any idea? 
jploski wrote on Wed Sep 20 23:54:06 MEST 2006:
I think they got the wperl.exe recommendation from an outdated version of
the FAQ (the wperl workaround was possibly required in JDK 1.3).

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