sunixadm wrote on Thu Oct  9 14:49:32 MEST 2008:
Hi all,

I was introduced to Eclipse and Epic in a recent perl class and am trying
to get things going in Ubuntu.  Eclipse and Epic were pre-installed for
the class and I am finding that it isn't as easy as it appears.

The first problem I haven't been able to resolve is with perldoc.  Searches
in perldoc result in the  error message: "Documentation not available."

Do I need to install the documentation separately?


jploski wrote on Thu Oct  9 19:27:37 MEST 2008:
Mark a built-in function in your source code (like 'print'), then select
the Perldoc function from context menu. Does it say "Documentation not available"
then? If it works, what are the exact steps you follow?

You don't need to install perldoc documentation separately (at least not
for the built-in functions and preinstalled Perl modules).
kelemvor wrote on Fri Oct 10 19:24:25 MEST 2008:
I also have a problem with perldoc, but on windows. For an unknown reason,
Perldoc launches in a new cmd.exe window instead of putting the result in
the perldoc eclipse window...

Do you have any idea?

The logs I added to perldoc.bat report those command lines:
"-m "Win32API::File"" 

"-t -f "print"" 
"-t -q "print"" 
"-t "print"" 
"-m "print"" 

"-t -f "use"" 
"-t -q "use"" 
"-t "use"" 
"-m "use"" 
jploski wrote on Fri Oct 10 19:33:13 MEST 2008:
What have you configured as your Perl executable in the Preferences? (It
should be perl.exe, not anything else.)
kelemvor wrote on Fri Oct 10 20:04:03 MEST 2008:
Whoups, you are absolutely correct!

I configured wperl.exe (doesn't this stand for windows perl:) ). Now, After
replacing wperl.exe with perl.exe, Perldoc works perfectly!

Thank you very much.

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