Problem with big variables (large strings)

jammann wrote on Tue Mar 21 18:30:45 CET 2006:
Hi everybody

I started to use EPIC lately (0.3.12 on Eclipse 3.1.0 on Linux). Most everything
runs really fine, thanks for the great product!

One issue I'm having is when debugging a script that at one point sets a
variable to a really big (4M+) string. As soon as that variable is assigned,
debugging gets unusably slow. CPU is at 100%.

I'm guessing that it's trying to display that string and chokes on its size.
But even if I turn off the Variable view, the debugger is not usable after
having assigned this variable.

I really don't need to see the content of that variable. But I'd like to
be able to debug beyond the point where it is assigned. Is there a way I
can handle that?

CU, Joe

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