RE: opening files with no extension

mannih2001 wrote on Wed Mar  7 11:33:00 CET 2007:

has the situation changed in any way in the last three years?

I can associated file names with Epic's editor, but I still seem to be unable
to to Eclipse to open any file without an extension with Epic. Anything
new here?

jploski wrote on Thu Mar  8 20:14:20 CET 2007:
This feature request you mention is tracked here:

The required enhancement in the Eclipse workbench has not been implemented
so far (note that it has been open for over 3 years on the Eclipse side).
mannih2001 wrote on Fri Mar  9 12:32:48 CET 2007:
Thank you very much for the clear answer, Jan. I guess this will severely
influence my file name practices. 

Oh well,

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