RE: Windows/Unix file format

kozitza wrote on Tue Feb 20 02:11:58 CET 2007:
Looks like from the perltidy man page that the --output-line-ending option
only works on a unix type machine. So I guess that means if I edit on windows
and run on unix I will still need to run dos2unix to make it work.

I did try specifying the following on windows


And it did not work still got the windows eol char.   Am I missing something
am I stuck with this behavior? Is perltidy going to be updated to support
kraby wrote on Thu Sep 20 23:58:12 MEST 2007:
The inability to specify the EOL character when working under Windows is
very annoying.  I have been using the PHP Development tools which do have
this ability so have been looking all over the place for this option for
EPIC just to find others are having the same issue with no solution other
than running dos2unix.   I have been using SVN to check out the scripts
and work on them on my laptop which is Windows (company supplied) then commit
and check out on the server which is running Linux where they fail to work
because of this. Are there any plans to fix it?
mannih2001 wrote on Fri Sep 21 07:43:57 MEST 2007:
Why don't you let subversion handle this?

for more information. This has the additional benefit that you can use other
native Windows editors to work with your files without worrying about line
endings (think Notepad).

dark2phoenix wrote on Wed Sep 26 14:05:04 MEST 2007:
I believe you can set Eclipse to always create files in at least the UNIX
file format.  

see "Additional configuration steps for all Eclipse users" section at:

I set my system up like that ages ago since I develop pretty much exclusively
on Windows for LINUX systems.

You still have to convert files that were created on Windows (I believe)
but just FTP'ed them to my LINUX box, ran dos2unix, then re-imported them
into Eclipse.
kraby wrote on Fri Sep 21 00:33:37 MEST 2007:
FYI I was looking at the perltidy change log and see this:

2007 04 24
 -ole (--output-line-ending) and -ple (--preserve-line-endings) should
 now work on all systems rather than just unix systems. Thanks to Dan

But it isn't working in EPIC still that I can tell and the help for perltidy
options still has the note that it doesn't work.  Am I missing something?

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