Remote Debugging HOWTO?

dkasak wrote on Wed Jun 18 04:31:56 MEST 2008:
Hi all.

I've seen 1 or 2 mentions of remote debugging ( including the post here
from peterbrodt ), but I haven't found a concrete set of instructions on
how we're supposed to set it up. In the User's Guide, it has a screenshot
that shows a debugging config screen that looks out of date - it mentions
creating a zip file with a package that you're supposed to install on the
PC running the script. But that option isn't in my debugging setup. It this
removed? In peterbrodt's thread, he mentions copying,, and onto the PC running the script. Is this
what we're supposed to do? Where are they? I don't have them.
jploski wrote on Fri Jun 20 19:00:15 MEST 2008:
The option to create a zip archive is still there. You may have a layout
problem in the launch configurations dialog which makes the option to not
be displayed - try making the window higher.

The procedure for remote debugging is to let EPIC create this zip archive
from your project, which includes the project's files and a generated launcher
script for the particular to-be-debugged Perl script. After starting the
launch configuration in EPIC, it will wait for connections. You unpack the
archive on the remote machine in the directory which you told EPIC about
in the launch configuration and then run the launcher script, which connects
to EPIC. If you have a firewall in between, you may wish to tunnel ports
5000-50004 via ssh.

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