Set Environment Vars in Perl Auto Build?

harlanbarnes wrote on Fri Oct 12 16:38:00 MEST 2007:
Is there a way to set Environment Variables in the Perl Auto Builder?

I am trying to set the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable. I can set it in the Run
dialog and it works fine. But the Auto Builder goes through my scripts and
tries to compile each. When it runs across something that needs the LD_LIBRARY_PATH,
it puts the "Red X" on the icon to show it can't compile. I was trying to
clean that up so I wouldn't get false positives on compile failures.


jploski wrote on Fri Oct 12 21:44:45 MEST 2007:
Did you try setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH for the Eclipse process (export in the
shell from which you start Eclipse)?
harlanbarnes wrote on Mon Oct 15 17:10:11 MEST 2007:
Ugh. Of course not. 

I'm starting it from a KDE menu item so I just mucked with the actual start
up script.

That worked perfectly, thanks much.

harlanbarnes wrote on Mon Oct 15 19:37:06 MEST 2007:
After more looking, mucking with /usr/bin/eclipse is not the right way to

The eclipse start script slurps up ~/.eclipse/eclipserc.

So I moved my LD_LIBRARY_PATH setting to there and it worked fine too.


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