skip breakpoint and no variables

benx80 wrote on Wed Oct 15 15:56:25 MEST 2008:

I use EPIC in the current version with Ecplise 3.4. Unfortunately, I have
set breakpoints for debugging always skipped. Each line is individually,
rather than directly to the break point to jump.
In addition, no variables for debugging appears. I lack even in the EPIC-mentioned
opportunity docu between the view of global and local variables to change.

All version numbers at a glance:
- ActiveState Perl 5.8
- PadWalker 1.7
- Eclipse 3.4
- EPIC 0.6.25
- JRE 1.5.x
- WinXP

I hope one of you can help me.

Thanks a lot...

jploski wrote on Wed Oct 15 20:27:41 MEST 2008:
Maybe you are having the same problem as bearslumber in the neighbor thread
(same questions apply to you as to him).

By the way, you can make the debugger stop at the first line of your script
(using a setting in EPIC Preferences).

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