String subst for PERL_EXECUTABLE

kn1h wrote on Tue Oct 28 14:57:07 CET 2008:

I'd like to request a minor fix so that the pref PERL_EXECUTABLE can make
use of string variable substitution. This would help me in better abstracting
exactly which perl to use, and which may have very varying paths to it on
different machines, OS'es and circumstances.

A quick look gives that PerlEditorPlugin.getPerlExecutable() should be the
place; code from the top of my head...

public String getPerlExecutable() {
    String s = getPreferenceStore().getString(PreferenceConstants.DEBUG_PERL_EXECUTABLE);
    return VariablesPlugin.getStringVariableManager().performStringSubstitution(s);

Would consider adding this?


jploski wrote on Tue Oct 28 18:43:25 CET 2008:
The proposed location is not correct (getPerlExecutable must return the
literal preference value). Anyway, I implemented it in 0.6.27.
kn1h wrote on Tue Oct 28 18:50:12 CET 2008:
Ok, I didn't do an exhaustive attempt to find exactly how it was used figuring
you would immediately know the best how and where...

Thumbs up, thanks!


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