sub declaration not found if in sub directory

richardamb wrote on Mon Jan 22 16:32:19 CET 2007:
If I create a project as follows:

Project name: Test

create dir:   perl
create file:  perl/
package tools;

sub hello {
	print "hello\n";


create dir: perl/subset
create file: perl/subset/
package subtool;

sub hi {
	print "hi\n";

create file:

use tools;
use subset::subtool;


Set the project preference Perl include path to include

All syntax checks pass, and the script runs..

but if in i put the cursor on     tools::hello  and press F3, I
jump to the file
if I put the cursor on  subtool::hi and press F3 I get the error:

"Could not locate module file for package subtool"

any ideas what I am doing wrong...

jploski wrote on Mon Jan 22 18:36:32 CET 2007:
I guess you should have "package subset::subtool" instead of "package subtool"
richardamb wrote on Tue Jan 23 10:23:01 CET 2007:
Hmmm..  but the perl is valid.. 

my project is rather large and I just moved it to EPIC, there are around
100 packages and many many calls to each, I really don't want to change
every file.
jploski wrote on Tue Jan 23 19:31:29 CET 2007:
> Hmmm.. but the perl is valid..

Is it? When you write a statement like

use foo::bar;

and have a file foo/ which just contains "package bar;", what you
achieve is

require foo::bar;  # ok
import foo::bar;   # meaningless, package foo::bar does not exist

Unless can provide arguments why it makes sense and why you can't use "require"
directly, I'm reluctant to extend the current "go to package" implementation
(which relies on a conventional package name to file mapping through @INC)
to support your case.

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