Submitting a larger patch

jploski wrote on Sun Aug 14 23:41:43 MEST 2005:

I have a larger patch which I would like to submit. I was wondering about
the best way of doing that. Specifically, I am worried that my changes might
be difficult to apply if there is ongoing work on the source files behind
the scenes (i.e., away from CVS). I have changed 15 files and rewritten
code in 4 classes completely.

This patch includes the following functional improvements:
- changes builds to asynchronous low-priority jobs (using the 3.0 job API)
to avoid blocking workspace operations 
- support for build cancellation (see bug #1106548)
- build progress monitoring
- improved error messages for scripts/modules that use CGI::Carp
- problem markers attached to files in which errors are reported rather
than the validated files (see RFE #1100818)

Apart from that it also features some code cleanup and added documentation

Needless to say, the changes would require some review and testing before
release. Is this what the 'testing' version of EPIC is for? Or is this what
CVS HEAD is for? Or should I test it extensively myself? This last step
is going to occur regardless of whether the patch makes it into CVS or not,
I am just unclear about the proper ordering of events here. Please advise.

Take care -

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