Support for multiple developers

miha_vitorovic wrote on Tue Jul 31 12:56:33 MEST 2007:

I'm trying to solve a multiple developer environment problem. The problem
seems to be the Perl Include Path which only takes absolute paths. Which
does not work if people do not have Workspace in the same place (and they
usually don't). Can you do something about it?

EPIC 0.6.12

Br, Mike5
jploski wrote on Sun Aug  5 17:21:18 MEST 2007:
Why do you think the Perl Include Path only accepts absolute paths? You
can enter relative paths there, and they will be treated as relative to
the project directory (this is documented in the User's Guide).
miha_vitorovic wrote on Mon Aug  6 10:04:37 MEST 2007:
Ouch, sorry. I should have RTFM first...

Tnx, Mike

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