Syntac Checking not working, please help

eagle_f90 wrote on Thu Feb 21 20:18:41 CET 2008:
I am using Eclipse 3.3, Perl 5.8 and Epic 6.13. The problem I am having
is that I can't ge the syntac chcking to work. I took a known working perl
script and broke it (removed the ";" at the end of a line) and get no warrnings
about it. I hit shift+f5 and nothing happens. I when into the Epic settings
and set the path executable to "C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe" and have enabled warrnings
set. So what is wrong? Please help.
tracylu wrote on Fri Feb 22 02:35:51 CET 2008:
you mentioned you removed ";" at the end of a line,then is the line the
last line? If the line was the last line of the script, the script would
still work.
eagle_f90 wrote on Fri Feb 22 04:41:13 CET 2008:
No, it was not the last line. I don't know why but once I fully setup my
project for the site the syntac checker kicked in and all is working fine
tracylu wrote on Fri Feb 22 06:30:07 CET 2008:
I opened a perl file via eclipse,and removed the ";". The syntac checker
also can't work.No warning was promoted.Maybe the syntac checker maybe only
can be used in a perl project.

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