Syntax check not working

siemsen wrote on Tue Dec 16 01:18:19 CET 2008:
I'm a relative Eclipse newbie, Perl oldie.  I have EPIC installed, and I
an existing, working Perl program.  When I select a random line in the file
insert some random characters (bad syntax), nothing happens.  I expect
Eclipse to put a warning in the annotations bar, but that doesn't happen.
When I click Source->Validate Syntax, nothing happens.  Why?

I have the path to my Perl set in the Preferences->Perl EPIC->Perl Executable.
Eclipse shows little Perl camels in the editor tabs, so it knows that it's
at Perl, nd it highlights the source code well.

I'm a total newbie, so this is probably something quite elementary.

jploski wrote on Tue Dec 16 09:28:57 CET 2008:
Have you looked at the error log in workspace/.metadata/.log? Are your scripts
executed properly when you launch them in Eclipse? I suspect that Eclipse
is having trouble running the Perl interpreter for some reason. The steps
you describe should produce warning (if you have 'use warnings;') or error
annotations - as should simply saving a file with errors.
alanbardgett wrote on Wed Jan 21 19:42:57 CET 2009:
I have the same "no idle syntax check" issue.

I'm on Windows XP SP3, Eclipse SDK 3.4.1, EPIC 3.4.0.M20080911-1700.

If I save the file, syntax is checked.  I tried "Validate source when idle
for" idle intervals .4, .35, and 1.05.

There was no workspace/.metadate/.log that I could see.  I had "use strict;"
and "use warnings;" in my sample code.
alanbardgett wrote on Wed Jan 21 23:19:49 CET 2009:
And... after I created a new project, moved all my perl files over into
it, opened one of the files... syntax checking magically started to work.

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