Syntax highlighting 4 file without extension?

actanzhang wrote on Wed Apr 23 05:26:18 MEST 2008:
Here is a problem,
Some of my source code have no extension, like myaccount, mycart,
unlike myaccount.cgi or
EPIC can display them with syntax highlighting
What can I do ?
I tried to add a file type *.* to EPIC, but doesn't work.
Anyone help me?

actanzhang wrote on Wed Apr 23 05:27:44 MEST 2008:
Sorry, typo mistake.
EPIC can not display them with syntax highlighting.
actanzhang wrote on Wed Apr 23 11:48:59 MEST 2008:
And another problem:
I change mycart to
There is still no syntax highlighting!
The highlighting of my other *.pl file are all good,
Is it no use to change the extension to make it enable highlighting?
jploski wrote on Wed Apr 23 18:45:07 MEST 2008:
Right-click on the file, Open With.../Epic Perl Editor.

Regarding extension-less files, see
actanzhang wrote on Thu Apr 24 03:02:12 MEST 2008:
Thanks Jan Ploski!
I have tried open it in that way you mentioned
but when I right-click it, there is no Epic Perl Editor
just Text, System, In-place, Default Editor
And I found another way:
Change the extension to pl or cgi, and reopen it in perl perspective
Yesterday I didn't make it becuase I opened it in Java perspective

I read the link you give, but it seems they are talking about the 
developing issue. Sorry I am just an end user, not a developer.
Is there a better solution?

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