Templates: looses indent on subsequent lines

grrraham wrote on Fri Oct  8 16:22:55 MEST 2004:
I made a template that covers 3 lines.  All subsequent lines end up at the
left margin.  Is there a way to make them respect the current level of indentation?
ivanwillsau wrote on Fri Oct 22 05:57:19 MEST 2004:
I would also be interested in this so that I could create templates for
loops, if blocks and other structures as I am lazy about typing.

ghandmann wrote on Wed Oct 12 00:07:34 MEST 2005:
Without this feature the "powerfull Templates" aren't that powerfull in
my opionion ;)

The way i would like it to see:
Getting indention of the line, where i insert my template. Now put this
indention in front of all of the following lines of the template. This way
all lines coming from the Template are well formated and i can still do
an extra indent within my foreach loop with the template.

Hope you get what i want to say :D
if not, just create a template which produces 3 lines of code. Go into the
editor, hit 5times tab and insert your template ;) 

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