Testing/Dev branch

pacanukeha wrote on Fri Aug  4 19:24:52 MEST 2006:
Hey - great to see a big jump in progress/activity.  I notice that the changelog
is complete up to 0.4.0 but doesn't have any mention of changes made for
0.5.0 - Is that because there aren't any yet or because the changelog isn't
being updated between releases or because the updated changelog is kept
somewhere else?
jploski wrote on Fri Aug  4 20:12:50 MEST 2006:
At the point of release 0.4.0 is the same as 0.5.0, so the posted ChangeLog
applies to both versions.

In the future, I would say that the ChangeLog should be maintained only
for 'testing' (0.5.x), with those bug fixes that have not been applied to
'stable' (0.4.x) marked as such.

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