Toggle Comment Bug (EPIC 0.3.10)

dacypher wrote on Wed Feb  9 18:43:30 CET 2005:
I am using Eclipse 3.1 and EPIC 0.3.10 (which is a very cool plugin, btw,
thanks  :) ).  However, I noticed that with 0.3.10 (as well as 0.3.8, but
NOT with 0.3.0), there is a bug when using the toggle comment feature. 
When I have multiple Perl files open, and I use the Ctrl+/ keyboard shortcut
to toggle a comment on selected lines, it will actually sometimes put the
comment on a file that I is in the background.  That is, if I have three
tabs open (,, and, and I currently have
in the foreground and I use the Ctrl+/ shortcut, I notice that sometimes or will actually get commented (on whichever lines I had
last had my cursor on the respective file).  This behavior does not happen
when right-clicking and selecting Source | Toggle Comment.

Is anyone else able to reproduce this?  Or is something broken in my environment?
 This problem definitely didn't occur in the non-testing version as I used
it all the time...  Thanks
pmneve wrote on Thu Feb 10 01:26:06 CET 2005:
I have noticed this as well in 0.3.8 and 0.3.10 but not in 0.3.0
dacypher wrote on Fri Feb 11 16:41:13 CET 2005:
Got a new message today when trying to use Ctrl+/ shortcut:

"Error Executing Command

The command for the key you pressed failed

 The command for the key you pressed failed"

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