Toggle Line Breakpoint (epic)

toolsmith wrote on Fri Dec 12 13:51:46 CET 2008:
I'm getting a NullPointerException when I try to set a breakpoint.  Epic
seems to be involved.  The forums at Eclipse suggested I ask here too. 
Below is the cut and pasted thread from there.  Any suggestions appreciated.
 Thanks - Peter


Version: 3.3.2
Build id: M20080221-1800

I have Found and Installed all suggested updates.  I'm a newbie.  I did
have breakpoints working once but it could have been with a different version
of Eclipse.

When I started getting this error, I installed jre6, replacing jre1.5.0.
 Made no difference.

Any suggestions?
Thanks for the responses.  I installed 3.4.1, and upgraded EPIC to 0.6.27.
 I clicked Help - Software Updates..., then on the Installed Software tab
I clicked Updates... and simply accepted the list of all updates that Eclipse

Then I restarted Eclipse.  The project still opened, and breakpoints still
fail with a null pointer exception.  There are no additional details, no
traceback, in the details>> of the error message.  It simply says "An internal
error occurred during: "Toggle Line Breakpoint (epic)".

I'm running Windows XP Pro, SP3.  I installed Platform/java, not the SDK.

Project - Open Project is greyed out, as is Close Project.  File - New _
Project... lets me create a project (but not one with the same name as one
of the projects I created in an earlier version of Eclipse, which I can't
get to now--or don't know how to).  Then Open Project and Close Project
are still greyed out and the breakpoints still fail to be set.
splunk57 wrote on Tue Feb  3 07:53:54 CET 2009:
Hi Peter,

I am seeing this same problem too but with a different setup

Eclipse SDK 3.4.1
Build: M20080911-1700
EPIC: 0.6.29

I am running on Centos 5.x (latest). 

I can set breakpoints easily enough in other languages, but I'm getting
the "Toggle Line Breakpoint (epic)" error when I try to set a breakpoint
for Perl programs.

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