un-indenting problem

mannih2001 wrote on Mon Jul 23 12:30:46 MEST 2007:

I am working with EPIC 0.6.11 and I sometimes come across the problem that
sometimes blocks of source code cannot be unindented. Nothing happens in
cases like that when I press shift-TAB. I can indent the text and then unindent
back to the original indentation, but I simply cannot unindent.

It seems that to reproduce the problem, you need at least one empty line
in the selected source code. The lines have to be completely empty with
no dangling white space. In the case of trailing tabs or spaces (something
which I really hate in my sources), the problem will not show up.

mannih2001 wrote on Fri Jul 27 15:33:43 MEST 2007:
Anyone? Am I alone with this or can other folks replicate the problem?

jploski wrote on Fri Jul 27 16:44:43 MEST 2007:
I think the problem is caused by using both tabs and spaces for indentation
in the same source file. I remember having experienced it, but did not replicate
it so far.
anakharsis wrote on Tue May 20 21:29:51 MEST 2008:
Create a new file and enter 2 lines:
    use strict;
    use warnings;
prefixed by 4 spaces. Select both lines and press Shift+Tab: nothing happens.
Press Tab: lines become indented +1 level. Press Shift+Tab: lines become
indented -1 level. Press Shift+Tab again: nothing happens. Replace leading
4 spaces with tabs, select lines and press Shift+Tab again: everything works
as expected.

Similar procedure for Java (using 'import ...') works as expected, so it
seems like an EPIC problem. I have version 0.5.45 installed.

Just wonder why there is only one thread addressing this probem.
jploski wrote on Tue May 20 22:24:29 MEST 2008:
If you have "Use spaces instead of tabs" and "Insert tabs/spaces on indent
== 4" in preferences, then the problem is not reproducible (it works as
expected). But I agree with you that it probably would make sense for SHIFT-TAB
to delete the number of spaces matching the displayed tab width. File a
bug report...
anakharsis wrote on Tue May 20 23:30:50 MEST 2008:
Thanks, with that settings it works fine. So I filed a feature request #1968271.

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