Unable to view Perl internal variables

kn1h wrote on Mon Dec 15 10:53:39 CET 2008:
Using EPIC 0.6.27 in Eclipse 3.4.1 with ActivePerl 5.10.1003 on WinXP. Generally
works like a charm.

But, seems no matter what I try, I can't get variables like '$_', '$1' etc
etc etc to display in the variables list during debugging. As there is no
watch possibility either, I have no way at getting at them (?). 

So, either I'm missing something very basic or something might be broken.
Can't find any threads really discussing this either, so I'm assuming it's
something I do...

Any pointers on what I should try and/or do something that helps debugging/pinpointing
it if it's something in EPIC?




In a way I can understand this as there must be a ton of variables that
could be termed Perl internal and the vast majority would not be of interest
most of the time - perhaps the functionality is just not yet implemented?
If it's not, maybe it would make sense to have a way to turn on *some* variables
jploski wrote on Mon Dec 15 13:00:36 CET 2008:
I think this is a regression bug introduced when I changed 'Perl Global
variables' to show the stack frame package's variables instead of always
those of the main:: package. Displaying "perl internal" used to work. Antoher
regression bug is that EPIC doesn't remember the variable display settings
in the Debug view after closing Eclipse. I'll have a look and fix it.
jploski wrote on Mon Dec 15 13:01:17 CET 2008:
By the way, there is still a way of viewing these variables - or evaluating
any expression you like - using the "Perl Expression View".
kn1h wrote on Mon Dec 15 13:20:44 CET 2008:
Hot d..n! I'd missed that view - I was focused on the regular 'Expression
view' only...sorry about that. It'll be quite adequate for doing the occasional
check on what now that regexp really selected...:-)

Anyway, thank you for looking into it, it'll be great to have it right there
in the variables view.

jploski wrote on Mon Dec 15 19:26:24 CET 2008:
Ok, you can update to 0.6.29 now. The "Perl internal" variables (really
just a predefined set of variables from the 'main' package's symbol table)
should now be appearing correctly, as should @_, which turns out to be a
special case (not defined in any symbol table).
jploski wrote on Mon Dec 15 19:39:11 CET 2008:
Hmm, I see I released too early: https://sourceforge.net/tracker2/?func=detail&aid=2431492&group_id=75859&atid=545274

Anyway, two version increments are enough for today :/
kn1h wrote on Tue Dec 16 09:52:45 CET 2008:

Thanks for quick response. Whatever - as long as problems are known, it's
fairly easy to work around them.


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